5 of last six executions — STOPPED!

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3 min readJul 31, 2018

A year ago it may have been hard to imagine. Ohio had just resumed executions after a 3.5 year lull while the execution protocol was challenged. In that time a backlog developed of 27 execution dates reaching into 2022. Ohio killed Ronald Phillips in July, 2017, and Gary Otte in September. And then… the machine was stopped!

This didn’t just happen. On behalf of Death Penalty Action, Co-Director Abe Bonowitz worked with Ohioans to Stop Executions and the various legal teams to stop five of the last six scheduled executions of Governor Kasich’s term. We focused on strategic communications and organizing to create the atmosphere and the pressure with the following results:

  • Alva Campbell​’s execution was stopped after it started when the execution team gave up trying to establish an intravenous line. We warned them…. YOU helped create that pressure.
  • Raymond Tibbetts​’s February execution was stopped after a member of his jury read case documents on the OTSE web page soon after we ran a statewide public education campaign. The Governor postponed that execution.
  • William T. Montgomery​’s execution was stopped and his death sentence commuted after our public education campaign and YOU along with tens of thousands of others raised Too Much Doubt about his guilt.
  • We worked hard to raise concerns about the horrific child abuse​ and resulting self-medication suffered by Robert Van Hook (and others). Nevertheless, he was executed. Death Penalty Action helped create the presence outside the prison. See vigil video here​ and discussion with witnesses to the execution and others related to the case here​.
  • You added your e-mails and phone calls to the behind-the-scenes pressure which supported Governor Kasich’s decision to grant clemency to Raymond Tibbetts (see photo above of a note received from one of Tibbetts’ attorneys), and
  • Our behind-the-scenes consultations helped lead to a reprieve for Cleveland Jackson, who was to have been killed in September.

Death Penalty Action is pleased to be a part of the life-saving teams that have created these results. The good news — NO MORE Executions are scheduled in Ohio until February. Your support allows us to do this work! And there is more to be done…

  • After a ten-year hiatus, Tennessee is poised to resume executions on August 9 — Sign THIS petition!
  • After abolishing it’s death penalty and having it restored by referendum, Nebraska is poised to resume executions after 20 years — learn more and take action here.

Death Penalty Action stands ready to assist wherever and however we are able. With your investment today, we can do more. Will you make that possible?

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— Abe & Scott

Co-Directors, Death Penalty Action.

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