Actions for TODAY for Julius Jones, David Cox & BJ Stouffer

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3 min readNov 17, 2021


This morning in Oklahoma City, BJ Stouffer’s clemency hearing starts at 9am CST. Yes, Oklahoma set SEVEN execution dates, not just one. They killed John Grant. They are trying to kill Julius Jones. Next in line, Stouffer is scheduled to be killed on December 9. Sign his petition here.

In Mississippi yesterday, we accomplished what we set out to do. Death Penalty Action empowered and lifted up Mississippi voices in opposition to the resumption of executions in that state. We had excellent media coverage, reach hundreds of thousands of Mississippians with our message. See the Clarion Ledger, here. See our video here. We’ll lead an in-person and also a virtual vigil from the prison in Parchman starting at 5pm CST.

Also yesterday, it started to look more grim for Julius Jones. He had a “contact visit” to begin his farewells, for the first time in two decades feeling human touch from someone who loves him. Someone other than a prison guard. BUT, his hands were shackled to his waste. He could not even wipe his own tears.

This entire scenario is awful and unreal. However, it is, in fact, constitutional to execute a person who may be innocent. This fight to free Julius Jones is NOT OVER. However, it could go the way of Troy Davis, for whom we thought there was #TooMuchDoubt, and Cameron Todd Willingham, who was proven innocent by forensic science only after his execution. We must continue to fight for justice, but at the same time we must prepare for the worst.

SHOW UP — to rallies and events TODAY in:

  • Oklahoma City — State Capitol — 8AM-5PM CT in front of Gov. Stitt’s office
  • Los Angeles: 12:00 PM PT On the Steps of City Hall
  • New York: 3–5PM ET Washington Square Park near the large arches, look for balloons
  • Washington, DC: 1:00 PM ET at the Intersection of 9th and Pennsylvania AVe
  • Newark — 3:00 PM ET — Intersection of Broad St and Market St
  • Minneapolis — 2:00 PM CT — Across from the Governor’s Mansion at 1006 Summit Ave, St. Paul

The only way this stops is if we elect political leadership aligned with the values of fairness, integrity and the common good.


  • Register now for the Virtual Vigil for David Cox, starting at 5pm CST.
  • See below for the phone numbers to Governor Reeves of Mississippi and Governor Stitt of Oklahoma, and tie up their phone lines again all day long.
  • Invite one other person to also call by sending them the numbers below.
  • Support Death Penalty Action’s work on the ground today and tomorrow in Mississippi and Oklahoma, shining the spotlight on executions and empowering people like you and me to take action to help stop them.


Thank you. Follow us on social media for reports from the road.

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

PS: There’s four of us traveling together in a rented car, with other expenses like hotel rooms, meals, airplane flights and gas, not to mention our time. All of this takes resources. Please help us be your eyes and your voice, bearing witness where the killings are taking place. To send a check: PO Box 89, Ghent, NY 12075. And YES, we are a 501c3 and all donations



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