AMAZING RESULTS to help stop executions!

Last month an amazing friend of Death Penalty Action called with an unexpected offer: A 200% match on whatever we can raise before July 31st, up to $12,000!

We’re now less than $1,000 away from the $12K cap! More than 200 of your fellow abolitionists responded with gifts between $5 and $1,000 to bring us to $11,015.

Will you please chip in today to help us seal this deal? Whatever you donate will be tripled! Use a credit card, PayPal, or send a check. Details are on our donation site:

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PLEASE NOTE: The matching funds will take up to three months to arrive to us, and our work is NOW. (Next steps on federal executions will roll out early next week.) Please check the box on the donation form to join more than 40 other Death Penalty Action sustainers who authorize an automatic monthly investment in our work to stop executions.

Thank you!

ALSO, if you can spare a little more, here is an additional opportunity to help.

In 2018, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the conviction and death sentence of Ahmad Issa. Ahmad was then offered a choice: Face a new trial and possible re-conviction and death sentence, or plead guilty to a lesser offense and be released with time served. This is not unusual — prosecutors often make such offers when they don’t want to admit that they made a mistake.

Being a Muslim from another country facing re-trial in Southwestern Ohio, Ahmad took the plea. With that he also agreed to not contest deportation, so after a stint in a not-so-nice county-based ICE facility, he is now living with his brother in Jordan. He arrived there late in 2019. The details, including a link to the order from the Sixth Circuit, are here.

I saw a plea for support from a pen-pal of his, and took action. At this writing, 79 individuals have chipped in between $5 and $750, plus Amnesty International’s relief fund gave $2200. We just passed $7,000 on our goal of $22K — $1,000 for each of Ahmad’s 22 years of wrongful incarceration. My goal is to complete this project by July 31st. That’s in eight days including today.

Ahmad’s goal is to get his own place to live and the basics of life, and to buy a car so that he can start a self-sustaining business as a driver for hire (whatever Uber is in Jordan).

I invite YOU to click here to chip in something today, right now if possible, and then to also share the opportunity with others in your network. If your place of business or your business associates might help, please don’t rob them of the opportunity to help by not sharing this with them.

Ours is a unique community. There are many, many, worthy causes, and that makes this type of effort attractive only to the compassionate few who really get it. Therefore, I invite your support today. Here is the raw link:

Feel free to call me at 561–371–5204 or e-mail me directly if you have any questions or concerns, or if you know others I should reach out to who would also support this special project, or Death Penalty Action more broadly. Ideally, an introduction would be amazing.

Yours in the Struggle,

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

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