Are YOU Starvin’ for Justice?

Two weeks from today, June 29th, is the anniversary of the 1972 Furman v. Georgia decision striking down all capital punishment laws in the United States. For the 25th year in a row, death penalty Abolitionists from across the United States and beyond will gather on the sidewalk in front of the US Supreme Court to demand that this country STOPS EXECUTIONS NOW!

Are YOU with us?

Starvin’ for Justice: The 25th Annual Fast & Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty is four days of presence and non-violent (no CD & no risking arrest) protest in front of the United States Supreme Court. (Those who do the whole thing arrive by June 28 and leave July 3 -get the details here and register today!)

Speaker Schedule Announced See the full lineup HERE!

Each evening starting about 6pm, Abolitionists with Voices of Experience on the death penalty share their stories. Movement leaders from organizations like the NAACP, Amnesty International, Journey of Hope, Witness to Innocence, Catholic Mobilizing Network, Death Penalty Action and many others will be there! Among them are Murder victim & death row family members, death row survivors, former executioners, legal professionals, organizers, academics and others engage us in unscripted and free-flowing dialog. A link to watch the live-stream is on the schedule.

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George White is backed by the other family members of murder victims present during a noon-hour rally calling for an end to executions. “Not in our names. Our hearts have bled enough!”

How will YOU help?

Spread the word on social media by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts.

Come! It takes dozens of dedicated Abolitionists to maintain our presence on the sidewalk in front of the US Supreme Court. It’s not just holding signs — we engage with THOUSANDS of tourists, students, Capitol Hill workers and the media. There’s no better way to meet and really get to know fellow abolitionists from across the country. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This event is sponsored by the all-volunteer, ad-hoc, Abolitionist Action Committee (AAC), with organizing and logistics support from Death Penalty Action. Especially if you cannot be there, we invite you to help make it happen:

  • See the list of dozens of individuals and organizations who are official Starvin’ for Justice sponsors, and join them, here.
  • Support Death Penalty Action’s provision of organizing and logistics management here.

More soon. Thank you! Yours in the Struggle,

— Scott & Abe

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Death Penalty Action is a 501c3, so all investments are deductible, etc. Friends may use a major credit card here, or via PayPal, and checks may be sent to PO Box 89, Ghent, NY 12075.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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