Are YOU Starvin’ for Justice? July 2 — a day of infamy…

Today is July 2. July 2, 1976 is the date that the US Supreme Court ruled in Gregg v. Georgia to allow the resumption of executions in the United States. There have been 1500 executions since that day 43 years ago. We are here to say ENOUGH!

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As we write this we are in the final 13 hours of the four-day Starvin’ for Justice, the 26th Annual Fast & Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty. We we’ve had some amazing moments, powerful testimony, met many great people, and we’ve created serious IMPACT. See the photos, news coverage and videos on the Starvin’ for Justice Facebook page.

How can YOU help?

#1 — Click here to sign each of the four petitions we are running on our table in front of the US Supreme Court. The petitions focus on upcoming executions in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Sri Lanka.

#2 — Click here to invest in the work of Death Penalty Action. Every dollar you give makes our impact greater. Death Penalty Action has been managing the logistics for the Abolitionist Action Committee’s annual Fast & Vigil. Our impact is impressive. The first media hit is this image on page 2 in today’s Washington Post:

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Less than two weeks ago Death Penalty Action made sure the world knew about the 1500th execution. Next? Among other projects, we’re heading to Ohio to produce a major splash in October: A conference & ten day speaking tour led by the Journey of Hope …From Violence to Healing. You will hear more on that very soon.

Today, we want to thank you for helping stop executions and end the death penalty. Together we are making the difference.

Yours in the Struggle,

Abe & Scott

Co-Directors, Death Penalty Action

PS: Please chip in $5 or more — as much as possible, really — using a credit card, Paypal or you can even do it the traditional way and send send a check. We can only do this work because of YOU! The info you need is here:

Please make the most of every opportunity to work for justice this week and every week!

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