Together, You and Death Penalty Action’s co-Director Scott Langley and Abe Bonowitz are taking on the death penalty in 2019!

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We’re all part of a movement that is winning, and we know that much work is left before we are done. The question:

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Whether you work in a different part of the movement or you are cheering and/or praying from the sidelines, YOU value high visibility, “call it like it is” organizing and activism. You are the heart and soul of Death Penalty Action.

Today, Scott & Abe invite you to add fuel to their fire and be the wind beneath their wings by chipping in a bit of cash right now — before the year is out.

Our goal: at least 36 dona-, scratch that — 36 new INVESTMENTS in our work — by midnight, Dec 31st, including 10 new monthly DPA Sustainers at $5 or more/month. Still reading? Are you with us?

Click here for DPA’s on-line site. Check the box at the bottom of the form to make it monthly! Or, Click here to use Paypal.

Thank you! We promise uncompromising abolitionism, and nothing less.

Yours in the Struggle,

— Scott & Abe

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Scott and Abewere inspired to create Death Penalty Action just about the time that Donald Trump was inaugurated. Our first motivation was to be ready for the moment when federal executions might resume. We have confronted President Trump’s calls for increased use of the death penalty, but amazingly (or perhaps not?), he has not (yet) backed his bluster with an order to set execution dates for federal prisoners. If and when he does, Death Penalty Action has the experience and wherewithal to lead that fight. Scott and I led the protests at the federal prison in Terre Haute when Timothy McVeigh was executed and in many other places before and since then. In this iteration, we’ve been on the ground in DC, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and beyond, and we’re ready to support death penalty opponents anywhere in the country, and we can only do so because of support from friends like you.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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