Celebrating Women Leaders in the Abolition Movement

Yesterday I was on a phone call with death penalty abolition movement leaders from across the country. I wish I could tell you *everything* that’s happening, but let me say this. For all of the amazing victories you can see, so much more is happening behind the scenes.

What sort of victories? Yesterday the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill to abolish that state’s death penalty with a veto-proof majority! On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee in Colorado passed an abolition bill on to the full Senate. More is on our Facebook page.

Because of YOU and with your support, our movement is making huge strides forward!

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Today is March 8 — International Women’s Day. Death Penalty Action celebrates all of the women in our movement, and especially the women LEADERS. There are far too many to name, but here’s a photo of one of our Advisory Board Members, LaShawn Ajamu, speaking out outside the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility as an execution is going on. LaShawn leads us as a murder victim family member opposed to the death penalty, and today she gets to stand here representing all of the wonderful women LEADERS in our movement. Brava!

Another woman LEADER you should meet? Lindy Lou Isonhood. Lindy spoke at the Annual Fast & Vigil last summer, and recently gave a TED Talk about her experience in the aftermath of sentencing a man to be executed. Watch her talk here, and please share it!

There are so many more women LEADERS we could celebrate, and many more updates we could share — each really needs its own e-mail to tell the whole story. But you can find the most urgent news and updates posted almost every day on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Death Penalty Action believes we can be safe from dangerous offenders and hold them accountable without killing them. Execution is NOT the solution. Death Penalty Action stands in the gap to stop executions and end the death penalty. The work we are doing together is more important than ever.

Will you help us do more? Your partnership with Death Penalty Action will increase our impact with every dollar you invest in our work today. Click the red box below to donate on our secure site right now, or click here to use paypal.

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CHIP IN >>Thank you for standing with us in the struggle to end the death penalty.

— Abe (and Scott)
Death Penalty Action

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