Congratulations Joe & Kamala! Let’s Get To Work to Abolish the Death Penalty!

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We’ll soon have a president* opposed to executions, but the Senate remains in question until the Georgia runoff election on January 5th. However, with the White House and the House of Representatives secure, the outcome* of the Georgia runoff could make it possible to end the federal and military death penalty!

With your help, Death Penalty Action will lead that struggle. Click here to watch our inspiring 4 minute campaign video. Then….

Help Us Be Ready.


Let’s dance today, and joyously so, but always in the knowledge that this is only a beginning and there is much work to do.

Thank you.

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director, Death Penalty Action

PS: Three federal executions remain scheduled in the coming weeks, and Death Penalty Action is leading the grassroots opposition. Sign our new petition urging president Trump to halt the executions.

PPS: Please share our posts on Twitter, Facebook, and now on Instagram too!

  • NOTE: Death Penalty Action is not a partisan organization and does not advocate for political candidates. We do, however, celebrate when leaders are elected whose policy positions are aligned with our mission.
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