Debate Recap: Not a Word About the Death Penalty… YET.

Did you watch the debate last night? Frankly, you’re probably better off if you didn’t — not a word was brought up about the death penalty. We must remain vigilant for when that happens.

With Trump’s track record of leveraging the death penalty as a political tool to engage his base, I’m glad he didn’t get to boast about being the ‘most killing president.’ As you know, having conducted a record-setting seven executions in the past eleven weeks, the Trump campaign has scripted federal executions as part of their “law and order” messaging.

Seven prisoners have been killed to create Trump’s political soundbite, however, we have heard that more federal execution dates are expected to be announced at any time. This is why we must act now.

Death Penalty Action is on the ground fighting every single day to abolish the death penalty, but we can’t do it without your support.

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The good news is that the November 3rd election may open the door to ending the federal death penalty once and for all. Your support today helps us be responsive to new execution dates and put plans in place for our congressional campaign following the election. Thank you.

Yours in struggle,


Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

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