Dustin Higgs Has Covid: Take Action!

​COVID-19 has hit the federal death row, infecting Dustin Higgs, who is scheduled to be killed on January 15th. Because of this, Death Penalty Action has a new petition addressed to incoming Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. Dustin getting a confirmed COVID-19 infection gives yet another reason to call off the remaining federal executions.

We aim to have this petition on Rosen’s desk when he arrives to his new position next Wednesday. As I write this there are under 10,000 signers. Will you help get it over 50,000?

Sign the new petition to acting AG Rosen.

There’s not much hope that the President will show mercy, so we’re asking the new acting Attorney General to act. Yes, in case you missed it, Attorney General Barr has resigned effective December 23rd. He will be replaced by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

That’s right. One quick action: Click here to add your name to the Rosen petition.

(You need not live in the U.S: Anyone of any age may sign)

If you have not seen it, check out this excellent video about Dustin Higgs​. Take good care. Shine your light.

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

PS: ALSO: Death Row Survivor Ahmad Issa survived 22 years on Ohio’s death row for a crime he did not commit. He just celebrated one full year in freedom. He can use your help to resume his life in freedom. Click here to learn more and help him recover.



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