EVIDENCE: Trump Re-Election Campaign Scripted Federal Executions

The evidence is now clear: The campaign to re-elect the president scripted federal executions to take place as the election campaign ramps up. Just hours after the first of three executions in one week (and the first federal execution in 17 years), the Trump campaign challenged the opposing candidate to justify his opposition to the death penalty.

Whether or not one agrees that capital punishment is immoral, it cannot be denied that using executions as a political tool in a campaign for re-election is repugnant and unconscionable. This must be investigated and prohibited.

Please sign and share Death Penalty Action’s petition to congress to end the federal death penalty.

Here is a sample social media post:

Tell Congress to pass HR4052 to end federal executions & #DefundTheDeathPenalty. Sign here: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/tell-congress-the-death-penalty-is-wrong @DeathPenaltyAct #EndTheDeathPenalty #StopExecutions #DeathPenalty

Nutshell: Death Penalty Action predicted this moment. We have been calling it out, and now we have the evidence. Read the news coverage of yesterday’s press conference. Click here for links to earlier coverage.

Because of YOU, Death Penalty Action is in Terre Haute. Together with our local allies, we have had a long and incredibly successful week of conveying our core messages via the mass media.

The third and final execution of the week is expected today at 4pm EDT. We will be there and we invite you to join with us at the vigil outside the prison live on our Facebook page. NOTE: Execution time is subject to change and we will post updates via Facebook and Twitter​.

There is so much more. Death Penalty Action will continue to keep watch for you, and we will issue news and action updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages as available. We must continue to work, hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.


#Trump is playing politics with the #DeathPenalty by scheduling executions in the middle of #COVID as a way to stoke his base before the political conventions. https://www.tribstar.com/opinion/flashpoint/flashpoint-trump-is-playing-politics-with-the-death-penalty/article_cdab851c-bfd4-11ea-ba68-47c8be824451.html | #StopExecutions #NoFederalExecutions #DefundTheDeathPenalty @DeathPenaltyAct #DanielLee

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