At this moment, it is quite possible the execution of Lezmond Mitchell will take place as scheduled this evening at 6pm EDT. We remain hopeful and prayerful for successful court action by the legal team, or a commutation or reprieve from the president. Nevertheless, we are right now staging our team to be on the ground in Terre Haute, Indiana starting by 4:30pm and will be shining the spotlight on this unnecessary killing from just outside the prison property.

Right Now Your Support Is Critical!

If nothing stops the killing, please join our vigil virtually on the Death Penalty Action Facebook page, Live starting approximately 20 minutes prior to the execution time. Further updates will be on our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and now on Instagram too!

Additionally, our friends at the Catholic Mobilizing Network will be having online prayer vigils at 2:00 pm EDT on the day of each scheduled execution, today and Friday. Find out more and register here.

With two federal executions this week (tonight and Friday) scheduled to coincide with the Republican National Convention, this is a rare moment when the politics of the death penalty is laid bare. We may expect to see the President and/or his advocates use these executions to promote Donald Trump as “The Law and Order” candidate, and that must be unacceptable. With just one more execution, President Trump will become the “most-executing” president since the 1950’s. And we all know he likes to be the biggest, the best, and the most at whatever is good in his eyes. That’s really what this federal execution spree is all about.

Right now is THE critical moment for our movement to reach more people like you, who know the death penalty is wrong. This week it is a hot issue, which is why we must take advantage of this moment.

Death Penalty Action is calling it out and organizing to keep more executions from happening in the future. To do that we are building our numbers and our coalition. Your donation today enhances our capacity today and this week. Please help now.


Thank you,

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz


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