Federal Executions Less Than Six Weeks Away: Take Action!

“There’s an execution chamber over there. Behind the mall.”

Federal executions are set to resume in the United States on December 9 after more than 16 years. As lawyers work to stop the executions (one has already been stayed), Death Penalty Action is on the ground in Terre Haute, working with the newly constituted Terre Haute Death Penalty Resistance network.

Chip in now to boost our efforts!​​

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Our message is on the front page of the Terre Haute Tribune Star today​, and on local TV, with an unexpected warning from an unexpected messenger. Death Penalty Action Advisory Board member Jerry Givens ​​executed 62 prisoners in his career as Virginia’s chief executioner. This quiet small town in the midwest and the people who work in the prisons here may be impacted by the ripples of the death penalty that go far beyond the murder victim and the murderer.

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Today’s paper​​ covers our event yesterday and advertises the community forum we organized for tonight.

More is on the Facebook page of Death Penalty Action​ and the Terre Haute Death Penalty Resistance Network​, including a video of Indiana native Ashley Kincaid Eve sharing her story of how the federal execution of the Oklahoma City Bomber impacted her as a young girl living nearby the site of the execution.

Death Penalty Action helped create and is working with Terre Haute Death Penalty Resistance, a network of local individuals and organizations working to expose the flaws of the federal death penalty, to pave the way for abolitionists coming to protest the federal executions, and to lessen the impact of these unnecessary killings on the local community. More information will be posted soon. For now, please click here to boost our impact with your generous investment today​.

Thank you.

Yours in the Struggle.

— Abe & Scott

Co-Directors, Death Penalty Action.

PS: Please chip in $18 or more to Death Penalty Action’s ongoing work using a credit card, Paypal or you can even do it the traditional way and send send a check. We can only do this work because of YOU! The info you need is here​. Please make the most of every opportunity to work for justice this week and every week!

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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