Help Spread the Word — NO to #DeathPenalty & Opioid Crisis!

Thank you for signing Death Penalty Action’s petition to congress​, asking our elected officials to reject the death penalty part of the President’s proposal for dealing with the opioid crisis. I hope you will help grow the numbers by sharing the petition on your social media. Here are a sample Facebook post and a sample Tweet — Please copy & paste:


Join me in telling congress to reject the death penalty as a way to stem the opioid drug crisis​. The “Death penalty for drug dealers” is a good sound bite, but an expensive and ineffective policy for the most severe epidemic to affect our country in a generation.”​


Join me in signing the #PETITION to Congress: #DeathPenalty​ won’t stop #Opioid​ drug crisis: @DeathPenaltyAct ​

Also, many of the signers came to the petition by targeted social media advertising, which seems to be working! We’re pretty new to this, and have a limited budget. If you would chip in to help us push it out further and to help cover our basic costs of doing business, here’s the link​.

Thank YOU! If I can be helpful to you in any way, please let me know. Together we can make the difference.

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz

P.S. Put some fuel in the gas tank, please​! Thank you!

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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