IMPACT in OHIO: Journey of Hope… From Violence to Healing

We’re making an impact! See The Ohio Journey in the news (so far) here​ and here​. A piece covering our presence in Ohio is expected in the Columbus Dispatch tomorrow.

AND, Ohio Speaker of the House Larry Householder’s office just this morning wrote this in response to a constituent: “Thank you for contacting Speaker Householder’s office with your support for ending the death penalty. Speaker Householder has expressed in the past he has become less and less supportive of the death penalty over time. I will be sure to share your view on this issue with him and greatly appreciate you sharing this with our office.”

Please take a moment now to comment on Speaker Householder’s web page

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​Today our speakers are in schools in Columbus and Zanesville. Tonight’s public Journey of ​Hope… From Violence to Healing “Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty” events are inOberlin, University Heights, and Mentor. Thursday night we are in Toledo, Trotwood and Columbus. Times and location details and speaker bios are here​. Please join us!


ALSO — DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARS! A friend has created a “PayPal pool” to benefit the Journey. She collects the money and then donates it to the Journey. Then she is able to submit her receipt to her employer, who will double it! We can gather up to $8,000 and so far we have over $5500 invested. (Some is in cash from our Sister Helen event on Friday, so it won’t show here on the donation page progress counter.) We only have a few days to make this happen, and we’d hate to throw away even a penny of that possible match. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity. Here is the link:

Thank you,

Abe, Bill and the entire Ohio Journey of Hope team.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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