Journey of Hope Coming to Ohio!

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Bill Pelke’s epic story of moving from violence to healing came full circle last week when his hometown newspaper put him, his grandmother and her killer on the front page.

In Gary, Indiana, this is a massive shift in a story more than 30 years running, especially because Bill’s messages of forgiveness, “love and compassion for all of humanity” and “revenge is never the answer” came through loud and clear. Read the full article here.

Today you can hear Bill tell his story live starting at 4pm EDT from Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio. Also, DPA Co-Director Abe Bonowitz will give an update on the death penalty in Ohio and the US. We’ll share the video feed on Death Penalty Action’s Facebook page, here.

If you live in Central Ohio, please join us in-person today at 4pm at 125 E. Broad St., or Wednesday evening at 7pm at Woodland Christian Church (143 Woodland Ave). Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr., DPA Advisory Board Member, ED of the Ohio Council of Churches, and board chairman of Ohioans to Stop Executions, will also participate at the Wednesday event.


We are pleased to announce that plans are in the works for a Journey of Hope …From Violence to Healing tour in Ohio in October, 2019. Because of YOU and with your support, Death Penalty Action is taking a leading role in the organizing of this event.

Please help make this possible with your generous investment right now using this link, or use Paypal at Let us know if you have any questions.

Why Ohio, and why now? Ohio is at a crossroads with it’s death penalty. Governor DeWine has put a hold on executions while the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction figures out a how to legally conduct executions. Meanwhile, a tiny percentage of Ohio murder victim family members continue to wait for the long-promised execution of the killer of their loved one, and the vast majority of victim families get… Well… That’s unclear.

The Ohio Journey of Hope …From Violence to Healing is going to unpack that. We’re going to ask Ohioans to look at the real needs of homicide victim families, what assistance is out there, how it’s accessed, who gets that assistance and who doesn’t, and why. We’re going to tell our stories, meet allies, and advocate for better services for ALL murder victim family members.

Many thanks for your support!

— abe & Scott

Death Penalty Action (is 501c3)

PS: If possible, when you invest, simply check the box at the bottom of the form to make your investment weekly, monthly or even quarterly!

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