Live from the Killing Grounds at Terre Haute — today at 10:30am and 5:30pm.

Death Penalty Action is going live on Facebook from the Terre Haute Death Penalty Resistance press conference near the federal prison at 10:30am EDT.

Watch live, or afterwards, here.

We’ll be live again at the same link starting about 5:30pm EDT, with the vigil outside the prison at Terre Haute, Indiana. This morning Sister Barbara Batista will be sharing her experiences serving as spiritual advisor to William LeCroy, whose execution she witnessed on Tuesday. And I’ll be talking about “The Bear Trap” that President Trump is creating for Joe Biden on the bodies of all of these executed prisoners. This afternoon, unless there is a stay, we’ll be live again with the execution protest/prayer vigil during the execution of Christopher Vialva. Please join us.

All of this takes resources. The more we have, the more we can do. If you can possibly support our work today, well… you know…

Because of YOU, and with your help, on Tuesday in Washington, DC. we presented our petition and organizational sign-on letter, calling on Congress to take action to end the federal death penalty. Check this amazing new 2 minute video from Tuesday’s action.

Lawyers are still fighting in the courts. For the rest of us, our job right now is to shine the spotlight on this issue. Resources for Abolitionists includes links everything you need to take action and become a part of the grassroots effort to stop federal executions. Sharable tools including powerful short videos, news and more actions are on our social media. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages to “like” or “follow” and share from there.

One thing we do know is this. Together, with your support, Death Penalty Action is making the difference.

I know this issue matters to you. Please give generously right now.

Yours in the Struggle,

— Abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director, Death Penalty Action

P.S. Thank YOU.