#Lockett at 40 #DeathPenalty Symposium Today at 12:15pm EDT — Listen in!

Today starting at 12:15pm EDT, you can listen live​ to a special symposium recognizing the 40th Anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision in Lockett, which struck down Ohio’s death penalty in 1978, saving numerous lives. Of course, legislators then crafted Ohio’s current and still flawed capital punishment statute. Kevin spells it all out here, in today’s Akron Beacon Journal.

Ohioans to Stop Execution’s executive director Kevin Werner and Death Penalty Information Center’s Rob Dunham and Ngozi Ndulue are among the participants in the symposium. Listen live starting at 12:15pm EDT, here​.


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The fallout continues after Washington State’s Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling making that state the 20th to abandon capital punishment. There are many news items — just google it! We at Death Penalty Action were once again excited to see images created because of the work of Death Penalty Action being used to illustrate unrelated news items. See image at right from the BBC coverage!

Want a few buttons like those? Send a note to Abe@DeathPenaltyAction.org with your postal address! (Having more than one is important. When you wear it and someone admires it, you can take yours off and give it to your new friend, and then put on another one!)


Another quick update: We are excited to announce work in Ohio to open the discussion of how the death penalty does nothing to help murder victims families. Death Penalty Action Advisory Board Member SueZann Bosler will help lead a series of conversations around the state at the end of this month, focused on the healing power of forgiveness and how the executions are a distraction from the real needs of the survivors of homicide victims. Here is the announcement of just one of our events​. We’ll also be in Cincinnati and possibly Cleveland and Toledo. Details pending…


Pitch in to the Ohio work today at this link​. Together we are making the difference to stop executions! Thank you for your friendship and support.

— Abe & Scott

Co-Directors, Death Penalty Action.

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