Make Sure Executions Are NOT Part of The “New Normal!”

Death Penalty Action’s mission is to save lives by supporting and encouraging activism to stop executions and end the death penalty.

Stopping Executions Is Our Mission.

Executions are on hold in the United States, but only for a little while. Please make sure Death Penalty Action is ready to lead the public action when the time comes that state and federal governments try to get back to “business as usual.”

Economic stimulus funds are arriving in some bank accounts this week and in the near future. If these funds are “extra” for you, please spread them around to the small businesses and nonprofits in your life — especially if they are doing work that you appreciate.

Click here to provide economic stimulus to Death Penalty Action.

While you are at it, please consider joining the Death Penalty Action Sustainers Network. Just check the box on the form to make your donation occur automatically each month. And whether or not you make it monthly, with your support of $50 or more, we’ll gladly send you one of these unmistakable t-shirts for you or a friend to wear*.

Together we can make sure executions are NOT part of the “new normal.”

With hope, love and prayers for everyone impacted by the pandemic,

Scott Langley and Abraham J. Bonowitz

Death Penalty Action Co-Directors

PS: Click Here to help Death Penalty Action STOP EXECUTIONS with your donation today!

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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