It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. wanted to share with you several things Dr. King said about the death penalty.

You might have seen this quote:

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That sentence comes from a longer statement, which you can read (and share) here, on Death Penalty Action’s Facebook Page.

Here’s another quote. This one is from King’s April 6, 1958 “Statement Delivered at the Prayer Pilgrimage Protesting the Electrocution of Jeremiah Reeves”:

“But the issue before us now is not the innocence or guilt of Jeremiah Reeves. Even if he were guilty, it is the severity and inequality of the penalty that constitutes the injustice. Full grown white men committing comparable crimes against Negro girls are rare[ly if] ever punished, and are never given the death penalty or even a life sentence. It was the severity of Jeremiah Reeves penalty that aroused the Negro community, not the question of his guilt or innocence.”

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It’s powerful stuff. It’s the sort of thing that drives us to action.

Just knowing that early in his career, Martin Luther King Jr. was on a Prayer Pilgrimage to protest an execution is inspiring to all of us who work to stop executions and end capital punishment forever. We know Dr. King led and participated in many direct actions. How many people know he did so specifically on the death penalty? Please visit our Facebook and Twitter feeds and share our MLK Day tributes, to let more people know.

Death Penalty Action thanks YOU for being a part of the movement to end executions. Whatever you do to help move us forward, it makes a big difference.

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Yours in the Struggle,

Abe & Scott

Death Penalty Action (DPA) is a newly launched organization providing high visibility resources, leadership, support, educational and direct action events and activities within the broader anti-death penalty movement. DPA is led by Abraham Bonowitz and Scott Langley, two seasoned anti-death penalty organizers and movement leaders. DPA is prepared to assist various local, state and national groups in their work to end the use of the death penalty.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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