New Hampshire Taking First Step To End Executions — Right Now!

Today and Wednesday, Death Penalty Action co-Director Scott Langley is in Concord, supporting the New Hampshire death penalty repeal effort!

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Here’s an image from the vigil that just ended in front of the New Hampshire capitol building.​

You can help! Every dollar you invest in our work today creates more IMPACT to end the death penalty in New Hampshire and in the entire United States.

Click Here to CHIP IN NOW!

Why is this important?

New Hampshire remains the last state in the entire Northeastern U.S. to retain the death penalty. And yet, no one has been executed since 1939, and only one person has been sentenced to death since New Hampshire reinstated capital punishment in 1991. The state doesn’t even have an execution facility. It is clear that it is time for New Hampshire to join all of its regional neighbors by repealing its death penalty law.

Death Penalty Action’s Scott Langley has been working in conjunction with the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and Amnesty International, phone banking and supporting our partners behind the scenes to help move New Hampshire’s death penalty repeal bill (HB 455) forward in the state legislature. The first step in the 2019 legislative session begins today with a House Committee hearing, followed by a vote tomorrow.

How can YOU help?

If you know anyone who lives or works in New Hampshire, please email us at right away! NH legislators must hear from constituents on this matter. Scott will connect you to what needs to happen.

Also, Scott is already sharing photos from the events in NH, so watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter and share them with others.

And again, please click here to chip in to support our work in New Hampshire. (Click here to use Paypal.) The more states that end the death penalty, the more the tide will change, and the easier it is to get other states, like Ohio, Texas, Tennessee and others to move in the right direction.

Thank you for standing with us in the struggle to end the death penalty.

— Scott & Abe
Death Penalty Action

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ALSO: Please help by sharing the following text on your social media, or copying and pasting it in to an e-mail to friends:

While defending his declaration of a national emergency on our southern border, Trump joked about using the death penalty against drug dealers in the United States. Add your name to tell Trump and his administration: The death penalty is not a joke. Add your name to tell Trump and his administration: The death penalty is not a joke. Click here:

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