New Petitions for Upcoming Executions in GA, TX & TN

Death Penalty Action is committed to providing protest opportunities for every scheduled execution in the United States.

Last week saw the first execution of the year, in Texas, and the first commutation of the year, in Georgia. But Georgia didn’t hesitate to set a new date — for NEXT WEDNESDAY! Please click each of the three links below to sign and share petitions for upcoming executions in:

Each of those petitions includes links to the details. It actually looks like the year is off to a slow start, however Georgia is looking messy in 2020, Tennessee continues its killing spree with seven more dates requested on top of the three currently scheduled, and Texas is, well… Texas. Thankfully, Ohio’s governor seems firm on not carrying out any of the nine executions currently set for this year (see below). And in a few more weeks we’ll get a sense of what’s happening with the federal executions that are currently halted via an injunction. (Follow federal execution news here.)

There’s good things happening too!

A death penalty repeal bill was introduced in Colorado last week, and the Denver Post predicts it will pass! Death Penalty Action co-director Abe Bonowitz was on hand for the death penalty lobby day a week ago in Denver. See photos and a link to the new Colorado victim families report here.

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Death Penalty Advisory Board Member Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr. (pictured) was honored with the Social Justice Award by the Ohio Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission on January 16th. Seeing Jack standing next to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine as his award was read off, noting prominently Jack’s various anti-death penalty roles, was nothing less than an amazing moment and a message clearly delivered. (Read more and check the video!)

In conjunction with numerous Ohio allies, Death Penalty Action hosted a screening of the new film, Just Mercy. Murder victim family members and justice advocates Renee P. Wormack Keels and Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr. presented welcoming remarks. See the video here.

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Finally, Death Penalty Action was honored to be included among a small group of highly impactful social justice-oriented organizations on a newly created list of co-conspirators who fit within the values of Red Letter Christians. DPA’s Advisory Board Chairman Shane Claiborne is a prominent member of Red Letter Christians and a regular collaborator in our work to stop executions.

How’s that for the past week? And there’s more. We could not do it without your support.

Thank you,

Abe & Scott, Co-Directors

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Our friends Ken and Lois Robison at the Annual Fast & Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty some years back. Ken and Lois did their best to get their son Larry the mental health treatment he needed. The hospitals kept releasing him, and finally his listened to the voices in his head and ended up killing five people. Instead of a hospital bed, now they had an execution gurney. Ken and Lois became leaders in the movement to abolish the death penalty. Both have since passed, but they leave quite a legacy.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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