OHIOANS: Three Ways to Make a Huge Difference Before The Weekend!

Death Penalty Action
2 min readSep 18, 2020


Here are THREE opportunities for YOU to make a huge difference even before the weekend starts:

  1. Ohioans to Stop Executions is asking Ohioans to call Senate President Obhof and ask him to “please schedule a vote on SB 54, the bill to prohibit executions for defendants with severe mental illness at the time of the crime.” That’s it. Simple. Pick up your phone right now, dial 614–466–7505, and give your name and where you live, and the above ask. I you get a recording, leave a message and try again later.
  2. Be sure to click here to sign and share the petition asking Governor DeWine to lead the effort to abolish the death penalty in Ohio. Click here to sign and share.
  3. HELP OHIO’s MOST RECENTLY RELEASED DEATH ROW SURVIVOR. Ahmad Issa’s conviction and death sentence was thrown out in 2018. The state appealed that order and lost. Ahmad was threatened with re-trial, but offered the opportunity to go free immediately IF he would agree to plea to a lesser charge and be released on time served. Late last year, after 22 years of incarceration on Ohio’s death row for something he did not do, he took the offer. No apology. No compensation. Instead, deportation, because Ahmad was not yet a U.S. citizen when he was arrested. Click here to read more and help Ahmad get his life back on track, here.

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What else can you do? Act to help stop the federal executions. There are two next week:

Thank you,

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director, Death Penalty Action

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