On-line Events // Death Row Survivor Support Opportunity

There are two important live-stream conversations set for this week that we wanted to make sure you know about:

Death Penalty Action has some exciting news coming later this week. Watch for an e-mail Friday morning. Meanwhile, updates continue to be posted regularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

There are two important live-stream conversations set for this week that we wanted to make sure you know about:

  • Tuesday at 12:30 *pacific* time, our friends at Death Penalty Focus in California launch their summer webinar series with a free webinar featuring Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. Death Penalty Action is a proud co-sponsor of this webinar series. We invite you to register in advance to receive the viewing link.
  • Death Penalty Action’s Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty returns this week now that the Fast & Vigil and the first round of federal executions are past us. The precise date and time of this week’s program will be announced on social media as soon as all of our guests confirm.

The focus will be on the federal executions, what happened and what’s next. As usual, the program will be archived and can be viewed later if you can’t watch live.

Please visit the Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty Facebook Page to “Like” or follow it. That is the fastest way to learn when a new program has been scheduled.

UPDATE: Ohio Death Row Survivor Relief Fund for Ahmad Issa Approaches 40% of Goal

Imagine being isolated from the world for 22 years, and coming back into freedom with nothing but the clothes on your body with which to resume life. What would YOU do? Could you use a hand up? That is what happened to Ohio death row survivor Ahmad Issa. Yes, he can use our help.

UPDATE: $8,392 raised from 108 supporters so far. Our goal is $1K for each of the 22 years of wrongful incarceration endured by Ahmad Issa. YOU are invited to click here to donate today to help Ahmad resume his life in freedom, right now if possible, and then to also share the opportunity with others in your network. Further details are at that link.

To avoid GoFundMe fees and otherwise use Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp or to send a check, please reply to this message or e-mail Abe@DeathPenaltyAction, or call Abe at 561–371–5204. While certainly death penalty connected, for legal and accounting purposes this is a side project that Abe is running independently and is not being managed by Death Penalty Action. Donations to this fundraiser are *not* tax deductible.

Yours in the Struggle,

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

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