Petitions Delivered to GA Gov— Now We Wait…

More than 2000 people have signed your petition on the platform. Scott, Randy, SueZann delivered the first batch of your petition signatures.

This afternoon several of us met with a representative of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office. We had a lengthy conversation — we felt genuinely heard.

I wanted to let you know that the Georgia Board of Pardon’s and Paroles moved it’s hearing to this (Weds) afternoon and announced that it does not expect to issue its recommendation until Thursday after 1pm. That is either hopeful, or extremely cruel to Marion and the family.

I also sent a photo of the 3 of us who had the meeting (Randy Gardner of Utah, SueZann​ Bosler of Florida, and myself from New York) to Mary Catherine Johnson — the woman who runs the death row hospitality house near the Georgia death row. She just happened to be with Marion Wilson’s family at that exact time, and they happened to be on the phone with Marion. She told them about your petitions, and they are all so incredibly touched and moved by what you are doing, and what people all over the world are doing to save his life.

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What more can you do?

Resources and more details are at

Here is a sample social media post you can use:

Help stop Thursdays planned execution in #Georgia — please join me! Everything you need to say #StopThe1500th execution is at — Raise your voice now!

It’s time for each and every one of us to show up as big as we can.

Thank you.

— Scott

Death Penalty Action

PS: A generous supporter is matching the next $5000 we raise! We’re now just over $4K! Please chip in whatever makes sense to you using a credit card, Paypal or you can even do it the traditional way and send send a check. The info you need is here:

Much more is on our Facebook page at

Learn more, sign the petition, and share at

Please make the most of every opportunity to work for justice this week and every week.


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