Petitons: Stop Executions in CA, FL, OH, TN & TX

Please take a few minutes right now to help stop the remaining executions scheduled in 2018. See below.

But first, on Friday we announced a goal of getting 36 donations by Giving Tuesday. At this writing, we have 9. Will you step up and chip in whatever you can?



California: Click here to sign a petition to California Governor Jerry Brown, urging him to commute death sentences before leaving office as his term comes to an end.

Florida: Click here to ask Florida Governor Rick Scott to stop the December 13th scheduled execution of Jose Jimenez in revenge for his 1994 murder of Phyllis Minas.

Ohio: Click here to urge the Ohio Senate to reject pending legislation which could open the door to the execution of persons who seek or provide abortions. (Petitions being delivered this Tuesday)

Tennessee: December 6 is the date that David Miller is scheduled to be executed in revenge for his 1981 murder of Lee Standifer. E-mail Governor Bill Haslam at and call him at 615–741–2001.

Texas: Visit the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty to take action on the pending executions on December 4th execution of Joseph Garcia and the pending December 11th execution of Alvin Braziel, Jr. Write the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles at

This work does not happen without support from friends like you. Will you help us hit our goal of reaching 36 donations by Giving Tuesday?


We are so thankful for your support of our work.

— Abe & Scott

Death Penalty Action.

PS — Please check the box below the form here, to set it and forget it by becoming a Death Penalty Action sustainer! Please join with others currently investing $5, $9, $10, $25, $50 and $100 each month — automatically. Thank you.

Death Penalty Action is a 501c3, so all investments are deductible, etc. Friends may use a major credit card here, or via PayPal, and checks may be sent to PO Box 89, Ghent, NY 12075.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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