The question society must grapple with should not be HOW we kill our prisoners, but IF we should be doing so at all, especially given how broken our criminal legal system is.

This morning we are distributing nearly $4,000 worth of signs, banners and t-shirts to local activists who will be fanning out across the city and this state, raising awareness and driving more people to action.


  1. Contact the Oklahoma Parole Board to urge that they recommend clemency for Julius Jones and Bigler Jobe Stouffer. Send an e-mail today to and then call the Parole Board at 405–521–6600 “Oklahoma does not need executions to hold
  1. people who have killed others accountable, and it need not resume them now. Please recommend clemency for Julius Jones and Bidler Jobe Stouffer.”
  2. Join (or support) the Visibility Actionin front of the Governor’s Mansion, 820 NE 23rd St, Oklahoma City (Tuesday & Wednesday) from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Bring a sign & wear your t-shirt if you have one. We’ll have signs and shirts there as well.
  3. Click here to support Death Penalty Action’s work in Oklahoma.



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