Protest the Execution: Join the Virtual Vigil with Shane Claiborne

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Litigation is pending, but if it happens, the first Lame Duck federal execution since 1889 will take place Thursday evening. Shaqib Well (Orlando Hall) is scheduled to be killed at 6pm EST tomorrow.

Additional Events this week — click for details.


We’ve launched an initiative to urge the Ohio Governor and General Assembly to more SB 296 to abolish Ohio’s death penalty during the current lame duck legislative session.

Death Penalty Action Needs Your Support. Click here to watch our inspiring 4 minute campaign video. Then….

Help Us Be Ready.


Yours in the Struggle,


Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director, Death Penalty Action

PS: Three federal executions remain scheduled in the coming weeks, and Death Penalty Action is leading the grassroots opposition. Sign and share our new petition urging president Trump to halt the executions.

PPS: Please share our posts on Twitter, Facebook, and now on Instagram too!

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