Rep. Ayanna Pressley Speaks Out Against Federal Executions

“We have to pass my bill to abolish the death penalty. No more killing.”

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Thank you to Vote Common Good, Red Letter Christians, Pax Christi USA, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker among others, and especially Death Penalty Advisory Board members Doug Pagitt and Shane Claiborne (Chairman) and their team from for managing this demonstration following the National Action Network’s “Get Your Knee of Our Necks” march on August 28, 2020.

As the federal execution of Keith Nelson was taking place on Friday, Death Penalty Action was in leadership both at the killing grounds in Terre Haute, Indiana and also in front of the Department of inJustice in Washington, DC, with simultaneous demonstrations. In Washington, we were joined by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (pictured), who urged us on in our work to end the federal death penalty.

“…So I want to say thanks to all of you. Thank you for being justice seekers. […] Thank you for being activists, organizers, disrupters. We know, just by coming together in this way, to denounce the cruelty of capital punishment, and to [..] the experiences of people on death row makes many people uncomfortable. Good. We have got to stay uncomfortable, so that we are never complacent in this movement, and we have to be willing to make other people uncomfortable in pursuit of progress, and true justice. So I am honored to be a sister in solidarity. We have to pass my bill to abolish the death penalty. No more killing. Thank you.” -Rep. Ayanna Pressley (See full remarks and video here.)

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