Resources for Death Penalty Abolitionists (9/21/2020)

NPR is today releasing amazingly in-depth reporting on problems with lethal injections. Please RT from @DeathPenaltyAct or otherwise push it out.

Sample tweet:

Incredible in-depth reporting from @NPR today on #LethalInjection #Torture #DeathPenalty executions of US prisoners. #StopExecutions #EndTheDeathPenalty #NoFederalExecutions #WilliamLeCroy #ChristopherVialva #Waterboarding

Also, Death Penalty Action has several powerful videos out which I hope you will also share from the Death Penalty Action Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Especially moving is the video of Chris Vialva’s mother, talking about the killing of her son scheduled for 6pm Thursday.

Please also share the petition to congress and the organizational sign-on letter, as below….

Death Penalty Action Thanks YOU!

Join the campaign to Abolish the Federal Death Penalty

ALSO — Please ask your members and others to sign the petition for individuals:

Help Abolish the federal death penalty — sign the petition today:

Engage with the live press events and execution prayer/protest vigils

Watch the press conference at Congress with the Franciscan Action Network, Death Penalty Action and various members of congress starting at 1pm ET on Tuesday, Sept 22, on Facebook, here:

There will also be live protest/prayer vigils from the federal prison at Terre Haute, and (Tuesday only) from the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. Live streams will start approximately 30 minutes prior to the scheduled times for the executions, which are currently set for 6pm on September 22 and 4pm September 24. Live streams will begin at approximately 5:30pm on the Death Penalty Action Facebook Page at

More things to do about Trumps’ federal execution spree:

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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