If you could clear the largest death row in the country with one phone call, would you?

Of course you would!

California Governor Jerry Brown has a few weeks left in office. Our allies at Death Penalty Focus in California are pouring on the pressure to urge him to follow his own morality and commute the sentences of more than 700 prisoners currently on death row in that state.

Please call Governor Brown at 916–445–2841 right away. Try to speak with a representative, or else leave a message and try again every day! Also, check out and share this action with a video of Brown speaking against executions on social media using Facebook and or Twitter.


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Death Penalty Action recently launched our online store for AbolitionWear — giving you the chance to express your support for abolishing the death penalty by wearing a T-Shirt. Wearing the message not only tells people where we stand, it also helps us meet others who agree with us!

If enough of us start ordering, Death Penalty Action will be able to expand our catalog to hats, stickers, buttons, mugs, etc! Of course, proceeds benefit Death Penalty Action and our important work to end the death penalty throughout the United States.

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If you aren’t interested in any Death Penalty Action gear, would you consider forwarding this email onto some friends that might be interested? Or just chipping in to help further the work?

Thanks for your help and support,

— Abe & Scott
Death Penalty Action

PS: Make your year-end gift now using this link, and if so inclined, please “set it and forget it” by checking the box at the bottom of the form to make your gift automatic every month.

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