Surviving A Wrongful Death Sentence: Tuesday at 3pm on Facebook Live

3pm EDT Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

[Photo ©2018 Caz Dyer/LifeLines]

Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty features Kwame & LaShawn Ajamu!

Kwame & LaShawn Ajamu are founding members of the Death Penalty Action Advisory Board. Kwame serves as chairman of the board of directors of Witness to Innocence, the national organization comprised of survivors of wrongful convictions resulting in death sentences. Kwame is one of Ohio’s nine exonerated death row survivors. LaShawn Ajamu met and married Kwame after he was paroled, but before he was exonerated. LaShawn supported Kwame in his struggle to exonerate himself and his co-defendants. Before they met, LaShawn had her own experience of injustice when her brother was murdered, the killer went free and murder victim family services were denied to her and her family. Watch and listen as this powerful couple share their experiences, what they are doing to heal our world, and how you can help.



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Death Penalty Action

Death Penalty Action


Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.