The Execution Stay in Oklahoma is Fragile. Continue to Take Action!

Good News! The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued stays of execution for John Grant and Julius Jones. BUT…

The state of Oklahoma has appealed to the US Supreme Court to vacate the stays and allow the first execution in the state since 2015. This will likely not be decided until very close to the scheduled execution at 4pm CDT. The emotional roller coaster ride of the death penalty continues.

John Grant has expressed deep remorse for his murder of Gay Carter. While nothing excuses that, we must understand that John is one of many death sentenced prisoners who fell through the cracks of state systems. He was only 12 when he entered state custody. Get the details here.


  • Monitor our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and please share the actions.
  • ALL DAY: Call Governor Stitt’s office (again) at 405–521–2342 and press “0” to politely demand a halt to the resumption of executions in Oklahoma
  • 10am Central Time: Death Penalty Action is working with the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and others to present a press conference featuring the Democratic and Libertarian candidates challenging Governor Stitt in the upcoming election. Watch on our Facebook page.
  • 3pm Central Time: If the execution is not stopped, Protest/Prayer vigils will take place at the Governor’s Mansion, at the Prison and Virtually via Zoom and on our Facebook Page starting at 3pm CDT (Actual execution time is 4pm CDT and may shift subject to the whims of the courts). Register to be in the Zoom audience now.

Please take action now. Thoughts and prayers are nice, but we need your thoughtful and prayerful ACTION too. Thank you.


  1. Add your name to ALL of the petitions here.
  1. CALL GOVERNOR STITT (again) at 405–521–2342 and press “0” to be immediately connected to a very nice operator in the Governor’s office. The message: “Please stop the execution of John Grant and all other executions!”
  2. Join (or support) the Visibility Action at the prison in McAlester and in front of the Governor’s Mansion, 820 NE 23rd St, Oklahoma City starting at 3pm CDT. Bring a sign & wear your t-shirt if you have one. We’ll have signs and shirts there as well.
  3. Click here to support Death Penalty Action’s work in Oklahoma.

Yours in the struggle,

— Abe

Abe Bonowitz, Director of Death Penalty Action

PS: If you would like to help us do this work, please chip in here, and a pool of generous supporters will triple your donation!




Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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Death Penalty Action

Death Penalty Action

Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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