Thrilling! NH May Be 21st State to Abandon #DeathPenalty!

Our Tweet​: N.H. Senate just voted 17–6 to repeal that state’s #DeathPenalty! There is a veto-proof majority in both the #NHHouse and #NHSenate#NewHampshire is likely soon to be the #21st state to abandon #CapitalPunishment #NHPolitics #NHRepeal

More about that and other breaking news is always here, on the Death Penalty Action Facebook Page​. Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in this, especially our old friend, NH Rep. Renny Cushing.

And… Check out David Dow’s new book!

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We are big fans of David Dow, who has represented more than one hundred death-row inmates during their state and federal appeals. His debut novel, CONFESSIONS OF AN INNOCENT MAN, tells the story of Rafael Zhettah, a man who is wrongfully accused and convicted of murdering his beloved wife. But for Rafael, death row is not the end. It is only the beginning. CONFESSIONS OF AN INNOCENT MAN is a novel about love, revenge, justice, and forgiveness.

Death Penalty Action has 12 copies of this book to send out for free! If you want one at no cost, send your postal address via e-mail to abe (at) Don’t hesitate — these will go fast!

​It’s such a fabulous, thrilling day. Please help Death Penalty Action ride the momentum of today’s victory with your investment right now using this link: or use Paypal at

More soon. Many thanks!

— abe & Scott

Death Penalty Action (is 501c3)

PS: If possible, when you invest, simply check the box at the bottom of the form to make your investment weekly, monthly or even quarterly!

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