In New Hampshire the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is expected to debate and vote on final passage of a bill to end the death penalty. The state’s Republican-controlled Senate already voted 14–10 in favor of repeal. These floor debates can be both enlightening and excruciating, but it is history in the making! Listen live here starting sometime after 10am EDT. On Twitter you can follow the hashtags #NHRepealDP, #NHPolitics. Thanks to our friends at Equal Justice USA for letting us know!

In Alabama, the Equal Justice Initiative today opens a memorial and a museum to highlight and remind us all of the history of lynching in this country, and makes the connection from slavery through lynching to modern day mass incarceration and the death penalty. Many Death Penalty Action Advisory Board Members are present for the ceremonies. Read this editorial in today’s New York Times. We thank Bryan Stevenson, the Equal Justice Initiative, and anyone who had anything to do with this happening.

In Arkansas, this week and last marks the one year anniversary of when that state set eight executions to take place in the 11 days following Easter — just to use up the drugs before they expired. A few links:

  • The BBC has been airing a documentary filmed around these Arkansas executions on
  • the National Geographic Channel. Scott, Randy, Griffin and myself appear in episodes 2 & 3, as we were running the protests at the prison. The series is well-balanced. Watch here.
  • Click here to read our report on Death Penalty Action’s work in Arkansas.
  • We wanted to specifically link to articles about Gina Sparks (Grimm) and Dina Windle in The Intercept, and the reflections Abe wrote about our experiences and the people we met, here and here. Scott wrote his reflection here​, which includes his favorites of the outstanding photographic record he made of our time there.

Death Penalty Action launched itself with on-the-ground support to the Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. We’ve been at it just over a year, and because of YOU, we’re not going away! With your support and investment, we’ll keep going, and we’ll grow. And we’re excited to tell you that we’ve now added PayPal as a mechanism to invest in our success.

Thank you. Make it a great day!

— Abe & Scott

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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