Trump Administration Sets ANOTHER Execution Date: Take Action!

Death Penalty Action
2 min readOct 1, 2020


Today another federal execution date was announced. Because of you and with your support, Death Penalty Action is shining the spotlight on these executions.

Orlando Hall is scheduled to be executed on November 19, 2020 in revenge for his participation in the 1994 murder of Lisa Rene. It was an awful crime, made more awful now by the disparities in how our government is responding. Orlando Hall is one of five co-defendants in the case. Three testified against him in exchange for lesser sentences and they are already free. Another’s death sentence was invalidated due to intellectual disability. Racism played a strong role in securing this death sentence, and this case provides yet one more example of unnecessary federal overreach in criminal prosecution. Read a thorough run-down on the Orlando Hall case here.

While the facts of each case are important, for those of us who stand against state executions, only one thing matters. We say NO to executions, every time.

Donate Now to Oppose Executions!

For over a year Death Penalty Action has led the work to shine a spotlight on the federal death penalty. We helped create the Terre Haute Death Penalty Resistance Network to ensure a peaceful protest outside every execution. Now we are building the coalition to support legislation to end federal executions in the new congress.

If it happens, this will be the eighth execution in four months by the Trump administration, exceeding Truman’s 7 in his entire two terms in office, and tying Eisenhower’s 8 executions over eight years.

The good news is that the November 3rd election may open the door to ending the federal death penalty once and for all. Your support today helps us be responsive to this and any new execution dates and supports plans we are putting in place for our congressional campaign following the election. You investment in Death Penalty Action really will help end executions in the United States. Thank you.

Yours in struggle,


Abraham J. Bonowitz, Director

PS: Last week, our scrappy band of activists created presence in Washington, DC and Terre Haute, Indiana. Expenses for travel, food, and the tools of our activism came to about $2,000. We’ve been present for all seven executions in the past eleven weeks. Thank you for chipping in to make our work possible.



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