UPDATE: Stop the Texecution of US Marine Veteran John Ramirez

Take action NOW to help stop the Texecution of John Ramirez at 6pm CDT tomorrow evening (Weds — 9/8/2021. Because of the Labor Day holiday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted last week to decline a recommendation for clemency. This morning, petition signatures were delivered to Governor Abbott, and more will be delivered on Wednesday by noon CDT.

Also, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals declined to hear Ramirez’s argument that killing him without full adherence to his faith practice is a violation of his rights. An interesting dissent in that ruling by a judge on the 5th Circuit panel suggests that his appeal to the US Supreme Court may yield different results. Time will tell.

“John Ramirez is an honorably discharged US Marine veteran who volunteered to served our country in a time of war. The Governor needs to recognize that and show some mercy.”

Please note: In Texas, the Governor has limited power when it comes to the death penalty. But the story we are told that “it’s out of the governor’s hands,” is only true if we allow it to be. Yes, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles must recommend clemency in that state in order for the Governor to grant clemency (mercy) by commuting a death sentence. However, the fact is that the governor appoints the members of the Board of Pardons and Paroles. He can choose to appoint members who will take valid claims and concerns more seriously, instead of acting like rubber-stamping gate-keepers. He can still use his position of power and influence to enact justice in the State of Texas if he chooses to do so.

About Veterans and the Death Penalty

Check out the very first entry on the brand new Death Penalty Action BLOG. Death Penalty Action volunteer Leah Merriam, who served two tours in Iraq as a US Marine, reflects on how all three executions scheduled this summer were for honorably discharged US Marines, and the realities of how we fail veterans who end up in the legal system and on death row.

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Unless the Texecution is halted ahead of time by the US Supreme Court or Governor Abbott, please join the on-line #Execution vigil starting at 5pm Central time on Wednesday, September 8. We’ll be remembering the victim in this case, Pablo Castro, but not with more killing. Castro’s son has forgiven Ramirez and opposes this execution.

We’ll also be lifting up John’s voice & sharing his humanity as a very important part of the fight to end the death penalty.

Please register here to join us!

Featured panelists include Bianca Trish-Edgar, who has been working with John to publish his poetry and more on his web page. Also participating will be faith leaders, human rights experts, veterans advocates and a live connection to the vigil outside the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas, where the executions are carried out.

PS: 11 executions are now scheduled before the end of the year. Sign the petitions here.

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