URGENT: Call the White House to Help Save Brandon: Plus, Protests Planned Across the Country!

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3 min readDec 9, 2020
Brandon Bernard is scheduled to be executed at 6pm on December 10, International Human Rights Day. Take Action Now.

This is URGENT. There is reporting that the US Clemency Attorney has recommended clemency for Brandon Bernard, who is set to be executed at 6pm tomorrow, on International Human Rights Day. Please respectfully and politely call the White House to urge that President Trump follow the recommendation by granting clemency to Brandon. After that request is made clear, please separately add your request that President Trump stop all of the pending federal executions. Here is the number for the Switchboard: 202–456–1414. Politely give your comment to the operator. When they transfer you to the comment line, well, you know.


“Powerful.” “Prayerful.” “Well done!”

The Human Rights in Crisis: U.S. Federal Execution Spree Virtual Conference continues with panels today at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

The Human Rights in Crisis: Federal Execution Spree Virtual Conference continues this week with “Wrongful Conviction Wednesday” with two internationally known human rights icons: Helen Prejean and Amanda Knox. Click here for all of the details, to join the growing list of sponsors, and/or to register to receive the ZOOM link.

  • Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ will address the issue of the federal execution spree (1pm EST).
  • One-on-one interview with the federal prosecutor who helped keep Brandon Bernard and Christopher Vialva on federal death row and is now fighting to #HelpSaveBrandon (3pm EST).
  • Amanda Knox will speak about her own experience with wrongful conviction, the community of exonerees she has become a part of, and the network of organizations working to free the innocent (5pm EST).
  • Kwame Ajamu, Chairman of Witness to Innocence, will speak today, which happens to be the 6th anniversary of his full exoneration from the conviction that sent him, his brother and their friend to death row more than 40 years ago. In their honor, please donate to the WTI exoneree support fund. (1pm EST)
  • Speakers related to the cases of Julius Jones in Oklahoma, Rodney Reed in Texas, and Troy Davis (executed despite strong indications of innocence in 2011) will speak today as well (5pm EST.

IF YOU ARE IN THE WASHINGTON, DC AREA, join the local protests at noon at the Department of inJustice, and at 5:30pm at Black Lives Matter Plaza. (Masks, distancing, etc. Signs, t-shirts provided!) Details are here.





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Abraham J. Bonowitz

Director, Death Penalty Action

PS: Five federal executions remain scheduled in the coming weeks, and Death Penalty Action is leading the grassroots opposition. Sign and share our new petition urging president-elect Biden to speak out against the executions.

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