GREAT NEWS! In an historic vote, just a few minutes ago the Virginia House of Delegates passed a HB2263, a bill to repeal that state’s death penalty with a bi-partisan vote of to 57 to 41.

The Virginia Senate and the Virginia House of Delegates have now voted to send identical bills to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for his signature. One body still has to pass the bill of the other, and that is expected. When the bill becomes law, it will end the use of the death penalty in the most-executing jurisdiction in the United States.


Please sign the thank you letter to bill patrons Senator Scott Surovell & Delegate Mike Mullin, as well as all of the Senators and Delegates who voted to pass the bills.

This is also a thank you letter to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who indicated his support for the bill and his willingness to sign it. We are urging Governor Northam to sign the Virginia death penalty abolition bill as soon as possible, without amendments.

Death Penalty Action mobilized our members and otherwise supported our allies in Virginia. If possible, click here to help Death Penalty Action with our work in the states with your contribution right now. Next stop: OHIO!

It is a great day for our movement, yet there is so much more to do. Still, today we must celebrate and make sure the job is complete in Virginia.

Yours in the Struggle,

— abe

Abraham J. Bonowitz
Death Penalty Action

PS: Tell President Biden: Abolish & Demolish the Federal Death Penalty!

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