Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty — Live raw video from Starvin’ for Justice 2018

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4 min readJul 8, 2018


California Death Row Survivor Shujah Graham speaks at the evening teach-in.

Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty — The Raw Live Videos

The 2018 Starvin’ for Justice speakers were all broadcast on Facebook Live. They are listed in the order in which they spoke, and most of the talks are complete. Check them out below!

Click on the link giving the video # & date, or when the speaker is not first in a particular video, click on the (minute:second) indicated in the listing to find the start point. For most, you can click on their name for more background on the speaker.

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(With apologies for general errors and foibles due to non-professional equipment and production team in producing these broadcasts…)

Video 1 — June 29, 2018

  • Musical Interludes with Constantine Efantis, Music Director, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Washington, DC
  • Ngozi Ndulue — Senior Director of Criminal Justice Programs, NAACP (starts at 8:10)

Video 2 — June 29, 2018

  • Rick Wiggs — Husband of Sharon Wiggs, Board Member, Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center (org listed for ID purposes only) (0:01)
  • Constantine Efantis (24:01)
  • Rick Halperin — Professor of History & Human Rights (33:01)

Video 3 — June 29, 2018

  • Jen Marlowe — Author of I Am Troy Davis (continues on next video)

Video 4 — June 29, 2018

Video 5 — June 30, 2018

Video 6 — June 30, 2018

Shane Claiborne at 2018’s Starvin’ for Justice: the 25th Annual Fast & Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty at the US Supreme Court. Join us next year — details here!

Video 7 — June 30, 2018

Video 8 — July 1, 2018 (presented inside due to oppressive heat)

Video 9 — July 1, 2018

Video 10 — July 2, 2018

Video 11 — July 2, 2018

Learn more about this event and plan to join us next year at Abolition.org!



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