When You Make The NY Times. That. (or “Death Penalty Dying!”)

The image below illustrates today’s reporting in the New York Times of the year-end report by the Death Penalty Information Center. In choosing this image the NYT gets to editorialize and report the news at the same time!​

Technically, the action in this photograph pre-dates Death Penalty ACTION. That’s co-directors Scott Langley on one end, Abe Bonowitz on the other, and 16 DPA Advisors and other friends in between, with many more on the sidewalk below. It was driving home from this action on the eve of the President’s 2017 inauguration that Death Penalty ACTION was conceived.

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​The headline says it all. We’re winning. Read the DPIC report here​. And…

Click Here to Donate to Death Penalty Action Right Now.

Thank YOU.

Yes, you are getting appeals from everyone. We know. We’re getting them too. Please prioritize Death Penalty Action.


Because so few people are aware enough to worry about stopping executions, when you give to Death Penalty Action at any level, the impact of your dollars is far greater!

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Because of supporters like you, this year, Death Penalty Action:

  • Helped keep Ohio execution-free
  • Supported abolitionists facing down an execution spree in Tennessee
  • Led the action opposing the 1500th execution
  • Helped New Hampshire abolish its death penalty
  • Supported prisoner clemency and innocence campaigns in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas
  • Raised the profile of murder victim families opposed to executions
  • Led the struggle to publicly oppose the scheduled federal executions
  • Helped illustrate numerous unrelated news items with stock images created by journalists during direct action events we staged.

and more…

What’s happening in 2020? With your help, Death Penalty Action will continue supporting prisoner clemency campaigns, opposing federal executions, freeing innocent prisoners, and lifting up state level and other grassroots efforts to stop executions. Also, because the death penalty is almost certain to be an issue in the presidential campaign, while not taking a position on any candidate, we’ll call out inaccuracy when we see it, and educate the voting public.

May we count on you​ to make sure Death Penalty Action continues to make massive impacts on this issue in 2020?

We’ve set a goal to raise $50,000 by the end of the year, including at least 180 new donors and at least 18 new members of the Death Penalty Action Sustainers Network (monthly donors).

​UPDATE: Thanks to dozens of you we have raised over $10,000 so far!

If you have donated already, thank you. Please consider a special year-end gift, and please also consider making your gift smaller, but automatically repeating each month.

Thank you.

Onward toward abolition!

Donate using PayPal Here​.

Donate using a credit card here​.

Or send a check to Death Penalty Action, PO Box 89, Ghent, NY 12075.

Thank you in advance for supporting this vital work today!

Yours in the Struggle,

— Abe & Scott

Co-Directors, Death Penalty Action.

PS: We can only do this work because of YOU! The info you need is here. Please make the most of every opportunity to work for justice this week and every week!

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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