Witness to Innocence 15th Anniversary Celebration!

Greetings. Death Penalty Action yearns for the day when there are no veterans, because there are no wars. That said, we acknowledge and thank the veterans in our movement who work with us in the struggle to end executions. Among them are Death Penalty Action Advisory Board Members Viki Harrison, Ron McAndrew, Bill Pelke, Frank Thompson and George White.

The subject line for this message is “Legacies….” There are several we wish to highlight this week: One celebration, one memorial, and… yours!


On behalf of Death Penalty Action, Abe is part of the host committee for the upcoming Witness to Innocence 15th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, Nov 15 in Philadelphia.

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Death Penalty Action co-director Abe Bonowitz with Witness to Innocence members Kirk Bloodsworth and Shareef Cousin in front of Delaware’s Legislative Hall. Kirk Bloodsworth was just appointed acting Executive Director of Witness to Innocence.

Witness to Innocence has already made its mark as a Legacy in the struggle to end executions. WTI is a leading organization in our movement, comprised of exonerated death row survivors who share their voices of experience to powerfully educate policy makers and the public about the risks of wrongful executions. Witness to Innocence board chairman Kwame Ajamu is a member of Death Penalty Action’s Advisory Board, as is WTI member Derrick Jamison. Death Penalty Action is pleased to have worked with many WTI members and others who have faced wrongful convictions & executions.

Please click here for details to donate and/or join us at the celebration Thursday evening! There is also a free public event on Thursday at 11:30am — details on the 11:30am event are here.

We also wish to take this opportunity to thank WTI members who are honorably discharged veterans: Kirk Bloodsworth (Marines), Joe D’Ambrosio (Army) & Ray Krone (Air Force).


Death Penalty Action notes the passing of Sister Joan Campbell, SP. Sr. Joan was a true champion for justice, a legacy for ending executions, meeting the needs of prisoners, and so much more. She served with the Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and was thrilled to witness the end of the death penalty in that state just weeks before her passing.

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Sr. Joan Campbell, SP, speaking this past summer at Starvin’ for Justice, the 25th Annual Fast & Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty at the US Supreme Court. The event takes place each year from June 29 to July 2. Join us!

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sr. Joan this past summer at the 2018 Starvin’ for Justice: Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty at the US Supreme Court. She was so excited just to be with us, and gave what may have been her final public speech on this issue.

This video is worth watching from the start, but you can also fast forward to where Sr. Joan starts, near the 17 minute mark. Also, Sr. Joan wrote a wonderful reflection of her experiences with us and on this issue, just published in Caritas, a publication for the Sisters of Providence and Friends.

A link to the obituary and guest book is here. Tribute gifts welcome at http://deathpenaltyaction.org/donate.


What’s YOUR legacy? Today you have a choice to make part of your legacy your support for Death Penalty Action. Our success does not happen without you. Together we are making the difference to stop executions! Thank you for your friendship and support.

— Abe

Co-Director, Death Penalty Action.

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Death Penalty Action provides high visibility resources, leadership and support in order to stop executions.

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